About Us

At AGR Automation Ltd we believe in delivering on commitments.
The history of industrial automation projects is littered with cases of systems which do not reach specification and which are delivered many months behind committed deadlines. AGR Automation’s history is different, over our 45 years of service. All of our systems reach the committed specification and many are still in daily operation after 15 or 20 years. In addition, we strive to meet all committed delivery timescales and work with our clients where unforeseen events or technical challenges have an impact on lead time.

Our approach is one of transparency and honesty; our integrity and excellence are vital to all we do. This starts with our proposals, continues through our design/manufacture and is tied together in our commitment to project management and client reporting. We are often complimented by new clients on the quality of our documentation and communication throughout their first project with us.

As a result the majority of our business comes from a small set of like minded clients who value highly this openness and our core values. These relationships are founded on long established trust. We are always keen to grow similar long term relationships with new clients but we do not prize turnover or revenue at the expense of quality of solution and service.

Much of AGR Automation’s work involves fresh design approaches and embraces new technologies. Robotic solutions and expert vision analysis/processing are now integral to most of our projects including our latest flexible feed systems.

At AGR Automation we regard our first project with a new client as our opportunity to demonstrate this refreshing approach and to exhibit how we build long term client relationships. If you are looking for an open, honest and high integrity automation partner that you can rely on for a long term supply relationship then please allow us the opportunity to engage with you.
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