Rotary/Centrifugal Feeders

Where component geometry permits through having a small flange to out swing/hang the parts AGR’s Rotafeed – Conical is ideal. System incorporates independently controlled inner spinning disc with its axis at 10 degrees off vertical which transfers parts to the outer rotating ring with angled profile and fixed overhead tooling that will orient the parts prior to exit.

Where the component geometry does not feature a flange then the Rotafeed – Flat is ideal where the outer ring allows the parts to sit on the horizontal plane prior to exiting oriented through fixed overhead tooling

  • Ideal for medical device component feeding when assembled in a continuous motion system with single lane entry
  • FDA approved materials used where in contact with product
  • Low noise and gentle on parts
  • Interfaces with linear vibratory tracks that act as product buffer to downstream demands
  • Can be supplied as stand alone system or integrated into automated processes
  • Used extensively in the feeding of medical devices at up to 1200 parts per minute

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