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Increasingly clients have demanding requirements to bring products to market quickly and these products can often have limited unpredictable market demand growth and limited lifecycles.  Automation of production therefore requires an innovative approach which enables:
  • faster automation integration
  • incremental automation growth to respond to market growth
  • protection of the capital investment through redeployment of capital assets.
This can be achieved by use of AGR’s innovative SmartPod system which addresses these needs via:
  • a common, highly flexible and easily configurable chassis system utilising advanced liner motor technology for maximum configurability.  This enable high flexibility to balance automation of differently timed assembly processes
  • a common platform and software integration package which enables faster machine build and ability to add additional chassis to increase total output
  • the flexibility and re-configurability of a standard system enables re-deployment of the chassis asset for revised production requirements (e.g. easy addition of stations) or for complete re-tooling for different product assembly applications.

SmartPod, a vision of the future, today “specifically designed to meet the challenges of Automation in the 21st century. Smartpod offers extremely fast to market systems without compromising on technical capability. The innovative magnetic linear drive pallet transfer system give the Smartpod the flexibility and adaptability no other automation platform can offer whilst meeting exacting performance and environmental requirements.”

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